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Promises [ALBUM 2019]

by Paul Cargnello

Enemy I said, Ooh, don't you wanna party with me? Well baby my time aint free. You call me up on some telephone you want me out the door, you want me in your home In life we are all alone until we step outside, into the danger zone You say 'pretty pretty please put your party face on for the cameras say cheese. Now, watch your BFF become your enemy Well, I hear you loud and clear Now there's a knock on your door baby guess who's here.
Promises 03:56 video
Promises Promises, they're all meant be kept every time that I've broken one, I swear to you I wept Promises, all the hurting is done upfront trying to be the pick of the litter when really your the runt Promises, are not just more than just that every tear I shed, I kept hidden under my hat Promises, they'll expose what' underneath like behind every pear of lips there's a mouth full of teeth My word and my pen are as tough as they come they put a hole right through the frame like a weapon I promise you the mind I promise you the world I promise you the body, I promise that it twirls I promise to be honest and if I promise you you're right I promise that I lied, I promise not tonight I promise you your lucky I promise you've got game I promise you don't deserve it, but it's a promise all the same I promise you the money I promise you respect, I promise the material things will decay in their neglect I promise you no mercy I promise to stay alert I promise you the truth, I just can't promise it won't hurt
Hooked On You I can't stop staring it's true all of me is hooked on you I'm burning up you're so cool all of me is hooked on you Won't you carry me through all of me is hooked on you I know you're feeling it too C'mon baby, won't you give me light C'mon baby, give me something new C'mon baby, let's get higher C'mon baby, give me something to do I feel so good, I wanna shout it out There ain't no word, for how I feel Hear me out
Separate Ways I don't want to, but I need you and I don't want to let you down, no you've been talking 'bout how you'll be walking out now there's just nowhere else to go but on our separate ways I thought I knew what you said was true but that's just not your style, hey we've been dancing 'bout now talking circles 'round how our directions got to change on our separate ways It's hard to tell 'cause I know you so well but you will reap just what you sew I won't hold you back take you off the track there's just nowhere else to go but on our separate ways we're on our way
Nothing But Another Day (For Clem) Featuring Aiza. You wake up with the sun in your eyes your problems unfixed no big surprise I'd like to tell you that it's under control but, everybody's talking 'bout the one two three everybody's talking 'bout uncertainty everybody's talking with their thumbs on a screen broken dreams baby, if you ask me it's Nothing but another day, nothing but the only way. You step outside time to start your week pretending like a winner on a losing streak I'd love to tell you that it's understood but, everybody's walking in their own direction everybody's searching for that lost connection nobody knows how it all goes down but we know it's 'round the corner we can hear that sound Nothing but another day, nothing but the only way. Here you thought that the world would end little did you know that no one would attend I hate to tell you but I'm not surprised 'cause we all got lost on the way to the spot we had to work late then we just forgot we had that other thing never heard the phone ring didn't check the message now everybody's singing that it's Nothing but another day, nothing but the only way.
(Don't) Let Me Drown (Music: Paul & Christopher Cargnello, Lyrics: Paul Cargnello) Wurlitzer preformed by Christopher Cargnello. Carry me out, take me way downtown, take me to the deep, but don't let me drown. If you get close I won't turn away our time to hesitate that was yesterday I'm all lost in your city scape I can see my home taking shape A mystery is all around in your winding streets and the night sounds passion leads me everywhere I feel the heat waves, you take me there Here I am deep in the depths my heart pounds between the breaths I won't lie I need you here without you things just aint clear there's always a sound coming though that door a moan or a shake in the ceilings and the floor to all things there is a rhythm I can hear the sound waves, I have given in
Goddam Crusifixed Don't think of me while you sing Don't think of me while you weep Don't worry about me lying awake Don't dream of me while you sleep I know, I know what you're thinking you're thinking that I hate your guts well hate's a strong word and I'd like you more if around the edges you weren't so rough Well I know, I know what you're saying even though it's a little long winded it's not as if any law's been broken just a bit bent but now it's mended You know, you know what I mean I'm not so goddam tightfisted I said it right, right one time but the words came out all twisted. Don't think of me while you dance Don't think of me on your deathbed Don't let me break, break your heart Don't believe every word that I've said I know, I know how you're feeling you know that I can feel it too you feel like you're getting wiped away like you're some piece of shit on a shoe... and it might be true Well people get connected, and people get made other people got debts that got to be payed some people reach out every time they see a flame some people like to feel the heat but they don't want to take the blame People get gone, people disappear other people give in to things they fear. Well now summer is here and I'm not king of the cross yet I feel so goddam crusifixed just 'cause I'm at a loss. Our daily bread has grown stale the dark night has grown pale Don't think of me while you sway Don't think of me in my hay-day Don't think of me as your guiding star Don't remind me of who you are
Trouble 02:48
Trouble (Music: Paul Cargnello & Richard St. Aubin, Lyrics: Paul Cargnello & Thomas Roderick Claudius) Featuring Shash'U & Mello G. Creation stepper, in the sun reach the endgame, I ain't done back at yard, here I stay banton wind, watch the leaves sway fist some coil, likkle large we buck up, know who's in charge downpresser hands red stain trouble no set like rain trouble never set like rain Rude boy loved, rude boy lost rude boy lied, at what cost rude boy cried at the side of the road rude boy carried a heavy load rude boy stumbling, unlocked the gates security didn't like his state proud as a lion, in his mane trouble no set like rain trouble never set like rain trouble never set like rain never know the minute an it over when it happen all you a look you'll never see it coming never know 'cause you never can tell got to be prepare mi say might as well call when it happen might it mek ya words sail 'cause trouble never set like trouble never set like
Two Nobodies 03:38
Two Nobodies (Music: Paul & Christopher Cargnello, Lyrics: Paul Cargnello) Guitars, Bass, Drums, Wurlitzer, Celeste performed by Christopher Cargnello. Two nobodies talking about nothing in the middle of nowhere dreaming about something No flash no cameras please unless you think you got the guts he walks a fine line all the way up in the motherfucking front he got battle scars and he stumble and he slump nowhere to land did he fall or did he jump? He's a papa now ticking tocking with time his own son will one day be living off his dime and when it burns so good all of this is like his flame and when it's bad he's left fading in the lifelong blame It's what he do he just don't like to break through it's like the concrete teeth chewing him up from underneath the weight he can barely stand the bullshit he can hardly see he's trying to branch way out of his family tree his reality fades no one will judge him on what's real emotions will rearrange no one will care about how he feel and when the going get's good he moves to the back it will only take time for his facade to crack
Dead 04:23
Dead (Music: Paul & Christopher Cargnello, Lyrics: Paul Cargnello, Tamara Hector, Stephane Pierre-Dufour, Yassin Alsalman) Keyboards performed by Christopher Cargnello. Featuring Karma Atchykah, Sereni T, Narcy. Heart heavy, like lead cement pound, hard head. watch me now, in the valley of your dead judge me forever for what I just said. Feet to the fire like punishing a liar rhythm’s broken out of the limitless doubt forget me not, I'm coming in hot calm the fuck down you're hero, my clown. Like one sees what one sees psycho diagnostic ink blot American blind, what a precious spot Outside the patriotic light beam slipping slyly through the tear in the seam, of a flag draped around a casket time to find a better racket My legs hurtin' me Yeah I'm running out of time 'cause we're running in line with those who want to strive and those with the drive oh me oh my such casualty's, now we're dead searching for the bread that we cannot eat, ah sheesh I guess that's just the way life goes doors open and close those who chose they chose for a reason I'm a little hot sauce for the season and when it's summer time I'm a focus on the streakin' not running naked stupid, my game is on that provin' and I have proven that you can't do this life at times is ruthless, but we keep it moving gas pedal no cruising or perusing steady on perusing while we die a little on the inside Do this, do that, there's a race going on I'm a win it for through boom bap you keep telling me 'bout your life standards hit the books and start living round twenty five stop the pressuring, want me to do it like this, me no like that. Started last, might be the first to party but I'll be right back, step outside of the race tie up my laces and pick up the pace judged as a failure but far from the case Now, don't tell me I'm out the loot they'll try and say your dumb 'cause you dropped out of school there's no race to be won, so get off me no rushing my flow, that's simply not me It's all about keeping the pace reaching a high state let it take time, it's worth the wait Feel like I’m Manga and four foot I been waiting I’m all good  Follow a Couple Rules Number 1 Never Play Jenga with George Bush, You Bound to Lose Number 2 There is heaven in all hoods Understood Let’s move on  see it as you may gemini, the hymn of I is 8 I am great Mere mortal they are meeh, more of the same you cannot compare I was born in waves like music and my daughters hair, I swear To the sound of my own horn notes of what I’m proud of we don’t mourn but hope is what i’m out of So sue me Woo me like rumi let love pursue me... There's always work to be done buildings to raze, rum to run there's just so much work to do a never ending mystery,without a clue there's work up ahead till the money's all spent and we're all dead


released May 3, 2019

Recorded @ Upper China Studios.

Dedicated to the legacy of Clem Horatio Evans, Prince Rogers Nelson , David Robert Jones, & Malik Izaak Taylor.

Producing, Mixing, Recording, Mastering, Lyrics, Music, Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Drums, Keyboards, by Paul Cargnello, except where indicated.

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Paul Cargnello Montreal, Québec

Paul Cargnello is one of Montreal's favourite prolific troubadours. He has always been able keep the critics on their toes, and the fans wanting more.

Paul Cargnello est devenu l’un des troubadours les plus prolifiques du Québec. À chaque album, Il trouve une façon de surprendre les critiques et repousse sans cesse ses propres limites, au grand plaisir des fans.
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