Promises [SINGLE 2019]

by Paul Cargnello

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"Promises" is the title track, and first single off an upcoming album to be released on May 3rd, 2019.


released February 11, 2019

"Promises" written, composed, performed and recorded by Paul Cargnello @ Upper China Studios, MTL. "Promises VF" co-written with Samuele.


all rights reserved



Paul Cargnello Montreal, Québec

Paul Cargnello is one of Montreal's favourite prolific troubadours. He has always been able keep the critics on their toes, and the fans wanting more.

Paul Cargnello est devenu l’un des troubadours les plus prolifiques du Québec. À chaque album, Il trouve une façon de surprendre les critiques et repousse sans cesse ses propres limites, au grand plaisir des fans.
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Track Name: Promises [Single]
(Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello)

Promises, they're all meant be kept
every time that I've broken one, I swear to you I wept

Promises, all the hurting is done upfront
trying to be the pick of the litter when really your the runt

Promises, are not just more than just that
every tear I shed, I kept hidden under my hat

Promises, they'll expose what' underneath
like behind every pear of lips there's a mouth full of teeth

My word and my pen are as tough as they come
they put a hole right through the frame
like a weapon

I promise you the mind
I promise you the world
I promise you the body, I promise that it twirls
I promise to be honest
and if I promise you you're right
I promise that I lied, I promise not tonight
I promise you your lucky
I promise you've got game
I promise you don't deserve it, but it's a promise all the same
I promise you the money
I promise you respect, I promise the material things will decay in their neglect
I promise you no mercy
I promise to stay alert
I promise you the truth, I just can't promise it won't hurt
Track Name: Promises [Version Française]
(Paroles: Paul Cargnello & Samuele Mandeville
Musique: Paul Cargnello)

Promises, Quand tout volera en fumée
On soufflera la poussière
Sans cesser de danser

Promises, Quand les murs vont s’écrouler
On rattrapera les morceaux
Pour tous les recoller

Promises, Si l’bateau vient à couler
On sautera à l’eau
On apprendra à nager

Promises, Quand la haine voudra gagner
On s’aimera encore plus fort
Sans cesser de danser

Nos corps et notre desir d'y coire
Vaincront la noirceur du monde
Ouuuuh comme un éclair

J’te promets un nouveau jour
J’te promets de la musique
J’te promets chacun son tour
J’te promets c’est magnifique
J’te promets une nouvelle danse
J’te promets tout le monde ensemble
J’te promets de suivre le rythme
Si tu m’ promets pas trop vite
J’te promets que ça s’ra beau
J’te promets que ça s’ra grand
J’te promets ça s’ra nouveau
Je le promets à nos enfants
J’te promets le printemps
J’te promets les bourgeons
J’te promets de prendre le temps
J’te promets que ça s’ra bon
J’te promets qu’on gagne au jeu
J’te promets un nouveau couplet
J’te promets que ça s’ra mieux
Mais j’te promets pas que ça sera parfait

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