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The Exception [ALBUM 2020]

by Paul Cargnello

My Babe 02:51
my babe| Music & Lyrics: Willie Dixon she don't stand no cheating | she don't stand none of that midnight creeping | my babe, true little baby | I know she love me | she don't do nothing but kiss and hug me | she don't stand no fooling. My babe | when she's hot there aint no cooling
the exception| Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello private and public | and everything in between | there’s absolutely nothing scarier, than giving up on a dream | oppressed or equal | the question has been asked | and every guilty culprtit has been unmasked | except you | trial and error | we’ve all made our mistakes | but remember the resale value decreases | once the seal breaks | back to front | tell us where it hurts | we’ve all been feasting on our just desserts | except you | we all want to be the exception | oh yes we do | we all want to be the exception | except you
Hungry Hill 02:32
hungry hill| Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello something so big in such a tiny pill | they’re all lining up for it on hungry hill | a sad set of people trying to get their fill | watch them cling to hapiness up on hungry hill | this thing goes far beyond the rumour mill | everybody knows about the secrets of hungry hill | when the trickle down doesn’t start to spill | you may find yourself on hungry hill | poor or rich | be killed or kill | all roads lead to hungry hill | you can’t buy love, but you can buy a thrill | get all that shit for free when you’re at on hungry hill | you might not be looking, but you could and can find me still walking back and forth, between here and hungry hill
get it right | Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello i gotta get it right, when the times are tough, We aint got enough, i gotta get it right | i want to watch the microphone burn | every speaker blow ike some junkies dream | a hearse in the snow | i want to crack the cement || when i walk the streets | i want the world to collapse everytime we meet | i want to watch the scene | i want to slow things down | while all the people scream | i want to hear your heart pound | i gotta get it right | i want the wires to break | watch the stage to steep | when the doors blow back | i never want to sleep | i want to watch the roof cave | with an inside view | i want to know the things you don’t | and the things you do | i want to sing your songs | when no ones around | i want to feel your touch in every single sound | i got to | i gotta
surviving and suffering| Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello i can see the bloodlines in the sewers and the stop signs | no one else to connect to | no one else who connects to you | on this tiny little island in this grandiose land | on this tiny little island no one understands that you’ve been surviving and suffering | living in innuendo | where did the meaning go? | basement politics inside and out | dying with a whimper and a shout | on this tiny little island, the flames are fanned | on this tiny little island...
christmas night| Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello everybody knows i’m a pitiful sight | right here right now, on christmas night | i’m in the hallway once again, wandering like a pilgrim without a friend | trying to find a place where our hearts meet, walking st. laurent on vboth sides of trhe street | christmas night, and the magic’s gone | just sing it out loud in a melancholic song | can we meet at the bodega later tonight? | there’re things i need to say to make it right | christmas night, does the family know? have they seen the line i was meant to tow? | way up in the stars looking down on the rooftops | way down in tartarus, hanging with the cyclops | with every ad grinning at you ear to ear | on the snowless night, spectacularly clear | people singing in the distance, the words you can almost hear
Come Alive 02:57
come alive| Music & Lyrics: Paul Cargnello yes love is strong, a muscle a might | when i feel alone, she carries me through the night | yes death is hard, when medicine loses the war | when she smiles my way, i remember what i was fighting for | all those who fell, all of them who have died | when i’m close to her | they all come alive
Junco Patno 02:23
junco partno| traditional down the road saw a junco partner | man he was loaded as can be | one fist deep down in his pocket | the other one looking for me | he come stumbling wet as the rain | he got a list of the shit he needs| now i know that i am lucky | he didn't notice rené and me | once upon a time i walked with a cane | i looked stylish walking down the main | now i got healed and i spend all my time wondering just when i'll be stylish again | i got friends and they done their time | some did it early the shawbridge way | well my rené, rené did some time there | just two years and a day | give me vodka 'cause i am thirsty | now to the mountain, but don't ask me why | we go walking, when we get restless | to pick out our headstone before we die


This is a one man band operation. All instruments
( guitar / bass / kick / hi-hat / harmonica / voice ) performed by Paul Cargnello in one take.


released March 18, 2020

All instruments performed by Paul Cargnello. Recorded at upper china.

All songs by Paul Cargnello, except ‘My Babe’: by Willie Dixon, and ‘Junco Patno’: traditional, arrangements and lyrical embellishments by Paul Cargnello. Photo by Roxanne Ross, design by Urban Revolutionary.


all rights reserved



Paul Cargnello Montreal, Québec

Paul Cargnello is one of Montreal's favourite prolific troubadours. He has always been able keep the critics on their toes, and the fans wanting more.

Paul Cargnello est devenu l’un des troubadours les plus prolifiques du Québec. À chaque album, Il trouve une façon de surprendre les critiques et repousse sans cesse ses propres limites, au grand plaisir des fans.
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