The Hardest Part Is You May Never Know [Double D REMIXES]

by Paul Cargnello

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Paul Cargnello, The Hardest Part Is You May Never Know: Remix EP avec Rodolphe "Double D" Tremblay.


released June 18, 2015

Paul Cargnello, Rodolphe Tremblay, Karma Atchykah



all rights reserved


Paul Cargnello Montreal, Québec

Paul Cargnello is one of Montreal's favourite prolific troubadours. He has always been able keep the critics on their toes, and the fans wanting more.

Paul Cargnello est devenu l’un des troubadours les plus prolifiques du Québec. À chaque album, Il trouve une façon de surprendre les critiques et repousse sans cesse ses propres limites, au grand plaisir des fans.
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Track Name: Boots Stomping - Double D Remix
In the flats of the earth where the hubcaps spin / passing through Coal City 'till the wheels grow thin / where the roses don't bloom and the low planes fly / we're well past Normal and the train tracks die / My insides split, my heart beats rumbling / trouble with a little “T”, well that's me / you got me talking that's as much as I'll say / but what I got right now can all be taken away / He said “You've been blessed” my soul had already gone / slammed the hammer through the door / dragged the sucker across the floor / cornfields drowned into the dust / everything dies within the rust / He said “Paint a picture in your mind” / Looking forever with nothing to find / With St. Louis in view I took it all to heart / I took everything with nothing apart / Whatever gets your boots stomping / With all the lights on, shaking the walls / Rhythm stole the wind, waiting on one phone call / at city limits we buy ourselves an extra hour / every last petal, every last flower / The devil was on his way out when I walked in / I tipped my hat and said “where've you been?” / Every bit of ground slipped away from underneath / The pie is now served, come and get your piece / you got me talking, now I could go all day / you may have done the crime but everyone else is gonna pay / complicated words, with no one left to beat / and yeah, the words rhyme right like a devil in heat
Track Name: Boston Brats (Featuring Karma Atchykah) - Double D Remix
The Boston brats moved Toronto way / they hit that scotch so hard / the apartment cracked and swayed / one brat good with a handle / the other with a blade / crossed the border like cats / the brats only played cards / with clubs and spades / Here you go again, looking for trouble / even the king gotta act more subtle / it ain't where you from it's where you at / big city, big dreams, bigger city, bigger fights / The Boston brats came north to stay / hit the ceiling so speedy / a ticket had to be paid / one brat struck a pose / the other took a shot, both made / from a big city to a bigger one / the best plans are best laid
Track Name: In The Ground - Double D Remix
You know what you need / you know what you need to know / you know things move ahead so goddam slow / you know everyone up and down this block / you know all their secrets and you're ready to talk / you're going everywhere fast / but you gotta learn to hold back / cause it all comes around / and it will put you in the ground / You know where the power lies / you know the power of lies / you rely on the power of one to get it done / you're going to get it right but it won't happen without a fight / if you throw it in the air it'll come back down / you'll learn the hard way / that it'll put you in the ground
Track Name: Just A Fad - Double D Remix
Rock and roll comes apart in stages / first your ego and then your wages / dissatisfaction, it's a bird in the hand / kneel before all those who stand / Just a fad / Dinosaur bones, dig 'em up and prove 'em wrong / chaos and creation together in a song / good luck lapse, yes the policy was bad / obscure, now just a fad